Sell My Structured Settlement: Washington


If you are in need of cash today and you have been issued a structured settlement due to an injury in the past, you can sell my structured settlement: Washington. You can get your cash in hand in as little as one business day. There is a process to follow, and most times you will need to go in front of a local judge. However overall, it is a fairly simple process.

Why Sell Structured Settlements

Selling settlement payments are good if you need money to pay off debt. Also, to make improvements to your home or need to pay for college. For these things it may be an option for you to sell my structured settlement Washington that you have been awarded. The entire process and understanding is very similar to a home equity loan.

Sell My Structured Settlement: Washington

It is similar to a home equity loan. Meaning that you have a built up sum of cash sitting in an account, per say, and you can draw on it for any reason. When you take out a home equity loan, you do so to make improvements on your home and sometimes to pay off other things. The same is true when you sell my structured settlement Washington. You get the money today and lessen the equity in your payment account, and you can pay off debt, college and do home improvements.

Selling Structured Settlement Process

When you want to sell my structured settlement Washington, the process is quite simple. I may take some time to work through all the steps. You will need to go to a lending company with your structured settlement information. You will get a quote on what the payout will be according to their percentages. Then you will know that you can either sell the whole lump sum or only part of it.

They will do all the paperwork and even submit to a local lawyer for documentation and submission to the local courts. A judge will schedule a hearing to make sure that you are protected from predatory lending practices. Also that you understand everything involved. After the judge signs the documents, then you could have your cash in hand in as little as one business day, according to the lending company’s policies.

Need Cash?

If you need cash today and want to sell my structured settlement payments to do home repairs, pay off debt or whatever you deem needed, seek out a professional lending company that will give you top dollar for your structured settlement. You could have cash in hand in just days and be free of money worries almost overnight.


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