Sell My Structured Settlement: Kentucky



The Step By Step Guide When You Want To “Sell My Structured Settlement: Kentucky”

There are a lot of reasons why people want to “sell my structured settlement Kentucky”; either they want to receive a lump sum that they can use to support a college education, open a new business or investment and to cope up with the unexpected happenings in your life or other things that requires an immediate source of money. In case your grounds for selling your structured settlement fall in the reason mentioned above, here are the step by step guide in selling your annuity.

Your Comprehensive Guide When You Want To Sell my Structured Settlement Kentucky

How to Sell

The first thing you need to consider when you want to sell my Structured Settlement Kentucky, would be the type of sale; do you want to receive a lump sum or do you want to sell just a fraction of it? A lot of companies will be giving you different option when you sell your structured settlement. You can opt for a partial selling wherein you will still receive a monthly salary, or you may sell the whole annuity.

In case you want to sell my structured settlement Kentucky as straight purchase, the buyer of your annuity will give you a lump sum. You will never be able to receive monthly payments again. You may choose this option in case that you need an immediate source of large amount of cash. Partial purchase involves selling your annuity for a definite period of time. This means that you will be able to receive a monthly payment again after the time designated in the contract. This is ideal for people who have a temporary cash deficiency. Reverse Purchase is about selling your annuity for the next years and for an extensive period amount of time. For instance, you may choose to sell your annuity in the next 5-8 years. This means that you will still get the annuity payment for the next four years. Split Purchase is about selling a portion of your monthly annuity.

Looking For Buyers

It is recommended to look for at least 5-10 buyers of annuity. This will give you more choices and the possibility to secure the highest value for your annuity. Also do not just be constricted on the online world, ask the recommendation of an insurance agency when you need to sell my structured settlement Kentucky. Ask a quote from them. Remember that they should only ask for the minimum amount of information when you ask for a quote such as you name and your e-mail address. Never give them any critical information such as your social security number. It is also recommended to find a broker in case you are having some difficulty in finding a buyer. Upon receiving the quote that you requested, find the company that offers the best quote.

Finally, you need to collect the essential document when you are ready to sell my structured settlement Kentucky. You will need the original copy of your application, the latest tax return and check in case you are still receiving annuity, copy of the agreement and valid government IDs.


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