How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement Georgia

There are a lot of reasons why you want to sell your annuity; maybe you prefer to have a lump sum of your structured settlement, or you want to support a significant change in your life such as medical condition or supporting a new business venture.  Once you are determined to sell your annuity, the next point of consideration that you may ask yourself is “how do I sell my annuity?”   Here is a short guide that will help you to sell your annuity.


Sell My Structured Settlement, Georgia:

Evaluating your Annuity

Before you find an insurance company that will purchase your annuity, be sure to evaluate the cost of your annuity.  You have to find out the resell value of your structured settlement.  If you are not sure about the details of this, hire an accountant to help you and guide you.  Always remember that when you are asking about “how do I sell my structured settlement Georgia” you will get a lesser amount of money compared to the aggregate cost of your structured settlement.

Understanding the Tax

Annuities are considered tax free from your initial investment up to this time that you are thinking about “how do I sell my structured settlement Georgia”.  However, the distribution in your structured settlement comes with a tax.  This generally implies that aside from the payment from selling your annuity that is taxable, the distribution is also taxable.  The net gains that you gain from selling your annuity are taxable as a general income; a 10% tax is also applied once you decided to withdraw on your annuity before the age of 59.

What Type of Sell

When contemplating about “how do I sell my structured settlement, Georgia” the next thing you have to consider is the type of selling.  You may sell it partially, reverse and split.


When selling your annuity, the next step after considering the above factor would be finding the potential buyer that will give you a reasonable quote.  When asking for a quote, you should only give the basic information about you which include your name and your email address, no more, no less.  Never give sensitive information such as your social security digit or financial information when thinking about how I sell my structured settlement Georgia.

Hire a Broker

When you can’t find a prospective buyer on your own, you may hire a broker that will do the job for you.  You have to pay the broker a fee, but the price is reasonable considering the amount of benefit you can get from a broker.  Check the license and certification of the broker before you decide to hire him and help you on your journey on how do I sell my structured Settlement Georgia.

Picking the Best Offer

Your broker will present a lot of potential buyer, but you will definitely hear a recommendation from him.  However, do remember that the last decision must come from you.  Once you pick the ideal buyer, you have to arrange all the paper works and documents needed to initiate the selling.

When thinking on how I sell my structured settlement Georgia, you have to take a considerable amount of time to study the possibilities when selling your annuity.  If the companies will see you as someone that is determined to sell his annuity but not in a hurry, there is a high possibility that you will get a better deal.



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