Sell My Structured Settlement: Connecticut


There are several reasons why you need to sell my structured settlement Connecticut. A lot of people do so to stay afloat when faced with financial problems. However, there are some people who are unaware of what it is. Others don’t even know that they can sell their structured settlement.

A structured settlement is a financial tool made for people suffering from injuries. An individual can opt for a structured settlement as an alternative to receiving a lump sum payment as part of a personal injury settlement. Payments of a structured settlement are made over a period of time that matches the needs and goals of the individual.

While you are guaranteed to receive payments from the annuities bought to fund the structured settlement, there are instances in which your financial situation might change over time. And when that time comes, you might want to sell structured settlement.

How to Sell My Structured Settlement Connecticut


The process of selling your structure settlement is relatively easy. It involves deciding how much to sell before going to a judge to approve the request. Making the decision to sell my structured settlement Connecticut is the first step of the process. You should have valid reasons why you need to sell it. And the sale should not have any effects on your financial needs in the future.

The next step is to look around for a funding company that provides the best rates. It is important for the company to have your best interests in mind. The company must also be reputable and uses its own money to purchase your structured settlement. It is also important to determine whether the company is experienced in processing the transfer in accordance with the court order.

The company you choose to sell my structured settlement Connecticut to must be one that you like. Start the process by submitting the required documents that include the policy, settlement agreement, and the benefit’s letter. This will allow the transfer company to verify the application and payments. The documents are reviewed to make sure they are accurate and complete.

Once the documents are reviewed, you should employ the services of a local attorney to file them with the court. Then wait for the court to schedule a hearing. This will start the waiting period. The judge needs to know whether you need the money or not. If there are no issues with the request, then the judge will approve the transfer. Once it is approved, the order will be sent to the insurance company to send you the money.

As you can see, it is easy to sell my structured settlement Connecticut as long as the documents are in order, and your reasons are accepted by the court. It is recommended to consult a settlement broker to find out how much you can get from the sale.


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