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what is a structured settlement


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what is a structured settlement


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Want A Lump Sum For Your Structured Settlement Payments?

A Here is a helpful guide to sell your structured payments

Structured Settlement: a series of payments, at fixed intervals, structured by an insurance company as a result of a lawsuit settlement. Structured settlements are usually awarded for:

  • Wrongful Death– to the family of the deceased when another is liable.
  • Personal Injury– when someone is hurt, and another party is at fault.
  • Medical Malpractice– When and injury was suffered because of treatment received below industry standard.

Sometimes you will find that even though your structured settlement payments were sufficient for your needs at first. Over time you may find that your structured settlement payments are not keeping up with your financial needs. Or perhaps you wish to make a purchase which would require a larger lump sum of the money owed to you instead of the smaller periodic payments you are receiving.

Why Would You Want To Sell Structured Settlement Payments

What if you wanted to make a purchase, or emergency medical bills needed to be paid. If you sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum, it could give you the cash you need.

sell settlement

New Business

Have a new business idea? Wish you had the cash to make it happen? Sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum to cover to start up costs. Why miss a time sensitive opportunity.

selling structured settlement payments

New Home

Selling your settlement payments for a lump sum can get you the down payment, or make repairs to your current home. This is the most common reason for selling structured settlement payments.

sell payments

Pay Off Debt

Instead of making minimum payments on your credit cards which gets you nowhere, you can sell your structured settlement payments.  A lump sum can free you from costly interest payments.

selling your structured settlement payments

Pay Medical Bills

Sell future settlement payments for a lump sum to cover costly medical bills not covered by insurance. For instance many cosmetic dental services are costly, and not covered by insurance.

sell structured settlement payments for lump sum

Pay For School

According to USA Today, student loan debt has passed credit card debt, and for the first time broke 1 trillion dollars last year. If you sell structured settlement payments you can avoid joining this statistic.

structured settlement

Limitless Possibilities

Velocity Settlement Funding has helped countless clients sell billions of their future payments from structured settlements for a lump sum. The money is yours, you should be able to use it whenever you want.



How Much Cash Can I Get if I Sell My Structured Settlement?

The only way to answer this is to call and speak to one of our friendly settlement experts. Ever structured settlement payment structure is unique to the the needs of the person. Our staff is very helpful in explaining your options. once they understand more about your needs, they can tell you how much of your structured settlement you need to sell to get the cash you need.

Will I Have to Sell All My Structured Settlement Payments?

No. Actually in most cases people only need to sell part of their structured settlement future payments to get the cash they need. If you want to sell structured settlement payments, your options are:

  • You can sell part of each structured settlement payment
  • You can sell all of your remaining settlement payments
  • You can sell some of your settlement payments

Lets say I decide to sell part of each payment. I will get the lump sum of cash that I need now, and still receive scheduled payments minus what was sold.  Meaning if I was receiving $4,000 every month, and decide to sell $2,000 of that payment, I would get a lump sum now, and receive the remaining $2,000 as regularly scheduled.

Lets say I decide to sell some of my structured settlement payments. I will get the lump sum of cash that I need now. Then I would receive your regular settlement payments until the time where you sold us the remainder. Lets say I was receiving $4,000 every month for 25 years. But my needs only require me to sell 15 years of my structured settlement payments. I would sell my structured settlement payments, get the lump sum I need, and still receive my regular settlement payments for the then 10 years.

It is best to speak with one of our settlement experts. They are friendly and helpful. They will listen to your needs then help you make an educated decision about which option is best for you.

Do I Receive The Full Dollar Amount In My Lump Sum For The Payments I Sell?

When we purchase your payments, the pay schedule stays the same. You get your lump sum now, but we wait and collect your regularly scheduled payments. That being said, the value of a dollar today is not the same and the value of that same dollar in the future. To understand this more, educate yourself with The Time Value Of Money.

selling settlement payments

How Can I Sell My Structured Settlement Payments?

In order to sell structured settlement payments to get cash now, you need to sell your payments. Velocity Settlement Funding buys them and gives you a lump sum

In order for Velocity Settlement Funding to purchase your structured settlement or annuity payments, there are a few things that need to happen. We need to understand your needs. We need to offer you options. A  judge needs to approve. To sell your structured settlement payments there are 3 easy steps to follow:

  • Call Velocity Settlement Funding at 855-834-8117
  • Our helpful staff will give you options to choose, then walk you through the steps to get it approved.
  • Then you receive your lump sum of cash for your structured settlement payments.

Its that easy! Velocity Settlement Funding will be there every step of the way to make sure it goes smoothly, and the structured settlement payment sale is a success.



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