How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement Payments


Life is full of surprises. One minute everything is going well, then the next, you are faced by debts or repairs that require a substantial amount of money. Your child may be going to college, therefore, you need the funds, or you might want to start a new business or increase investment in a certain company. All these are valid reasons why you would want to your structured settlement payments. Before you can make a decision to ‘sell my structured settlement payments,’ there are simple processes involved or put in place to ensure that you benefits maximally on this sale.

1. Shop Around

Working with a company that puts the customer’s interest first is highly recommended, so as you look for a company to work with, keep this factor in mind. It is also important to work with a reputable company that has successfully delivered and remained true to their word. Another aspect to look out for is a company that invests its funds and not just a broker. A good way of ensuring that a company is best suited to hand the ‘sell my structured settlement payments’ process, check whether the company has a good rating on Better Business Bureau aside, from reading reviews about the company.

2. Start the Process

Once you have identified the company that you want to work with, you can begin the ‘sell my structured settlement payments’ process. You will be required to submit relevant paperwork such as your annuity policy and the settlement agreement/benefits agreement. The transfer company will need the document in order to verify your application, Identification, and the payments. After reviewing the documents, the transfer company will be able to identify areas that might pose a challenge when seeking the judge’s approval.

3. The Judges Approval

After all, your documents are reviewed, and everything looks good, a local attorney will file them in court. The court will thereafter schedule a hearing after reviewing your documents. During the hearing, you will require to tell the court why you need to ‘sell my structured settlement payments.’ Moreover, you will be required to prove that this sale will not jeopardize your family’s finances.

4. Receive Payments

After reviewing your documents and a successful court hearing, all which is left is for the judge to sign the documents that will enable you to receive payments from your insurance provider.

In conclusion, when you work with a reputable company, expect a smooth process when you finally decide to ‘sell my structured settlement payments.’ Ensure that you have all the necessary documentation, as it will only speed up the sale of your structured settlement payment.



How to Sell My Structured Settlement Payments


As you grow older and retire from formal employment, you may realize that your income levels are being strained, but bills keep piling up. You may be among the people who say, “I need to get structured settlement cash.” However, the challenge may be, not knowing how to go about it. Before you can think of ‘sell my structured settlement payments,’ as a solution to deal with your monthly bills, you should familiarize yourself with the process. This will place in a better position to maximize on the process.


First Thing Is First

The first and most important step is establishing if this is the best solution for the situation. Before getting to a place where you think of selling your structured payments, you should explore all the other options available. If it is the best option, you need to ask yourself, Where can I get a structured settlement calculator?”

Gather Information

You should ask for offers and ensure that you have gathered all the necessary information about your structured payment. Some of the critical details that you should have include the name of the insurance company and the date and amount of each payment that you are meant to receive. This is the essential information that any company will use to calculate the offer that they will give. Instead of sitting and thinking, how to find settlement buyers you have such details at your fingertips.

It is also important to find an expert who will help you with the process so that you may get a reasonable offer for your settlement payments. With the benefits letter, you can get all the details about the payments, which is critical in selling the structured settlement payments.


The Documents

When you search and find a company that gives you a good offer, they will send a list of the required documents. Some of the common things that most companies will ask for include settlement agreement, a copy of the annuity contract, benefits letter and proof of identity among others. These are requirements that you should have in place from the moment you decide to look for the best structured settlement companies.’ When you avail the required documents in a speedy manner, this will expedite the process.


Background Check

Ordinarily, the purchasing company will conduct a background check on the information that you have provided. They will also look at any restrictions that may hinder you from selling the structured settlement payments. If everything checks out as expected the process to ‘sell my structured settlement annuity payments’ will be completed.

The court will issue an order of the transfer, and this will be sent to the insurance company. As soon as the insurance company acknowledges the transfer, you will get the payment that you had agreed on. This is the brief overview of the process of those who want to ‘sell my structured settlement payments.’