What is a structured settlement…

A structured settlement is an agreed financial or insurance plan where the insurance company or defendant agrees to pay the claimant compensations in form of installments rather than a lump sum of money. Structured settlements are not meant to oppress or favor anyone; they are a good way of obtaining relieving legal justice for both the claimant and the defendant. Both parties must accept the agreed structured settlement plan before it could be initiated and allowed to function to both the parties. More about what a structured settlement is, CLICK HERE


We help you sell some or all of your future payments….


There is safety and comfort knowing that you have guarenteed money coming in. However sometimes in life an opportunity comes, or a disaster happens, and you need your money NOW.



Get Money From Your Structured Settlement Payments Sooner….

For Years Velocity Settlement Funding has been getting people cash from their structured settlement payments. Instead of waiting for the payments to come in, they use us so they can have it NOW, and use it  strategically according to their current circumstances. Selling part or all of your structured settlement payments is still one of our most popular services.  If you’re receiving payments from a structured settlement, Let Velocity Settlement Funding give you a lump sum and take over your payments, that way you can invest your money NOW. CLICK HERE



Get A Lump Sum From Your Annuity Payments….

Annuities are among the most popular investment options available. reguardless if you purchased an annuity as a strategic investment plan or  it was a part of your inheritance when you lost a loved one. Maybe at first the annuity payments were enough to help pay for bills and other expenses, but circumstances in life change. You may want to start a business, or need an emergency repair to your roof, or something came up medically that can not wait. No Worries, Velocity Settlement Funding can purchase some or all of your annuity payments for a lump sum. CLICK HERE


We Will Buy ALL Of Your Future Payments….

Velocity Settlement Funding buys and  sells more than just our customers structured settlement and annuity payments. We will also buy, or help you sell payments from lottery winnings, leasing your land, Inheritance or expected inheritance. We have a department in our company or a partner company that will be able to give you cash for any future payments.  CLICK HERE



Receive cash before your lawsuit is settled with Pre Settlement Funding….

If you are in a  personal injury lawsuit, and are waiting for the judge to make a determination, we can help. Velocity Settlement Funding has a department offering pre-settlement funding. Let us take away some stress by giving you the cash you need to live your life while you are waiting for the courts. CLICK HERE


We are committed to help our customers get the cash they need, when they need it. If you’re receiving payments from an annuity, structured settlement, lottery, or any other structured plan, contact us today. Let our experienced staff listen to your circumstance and your future goals and give you advice that could be worth billions, for free.